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地動説 The geocentric theory










 The heavenly bodies don’t rotate, the earth does.

 The geocentric theory advocated by Copernicus and Galileo was not accepted by the church, and the latter was particularly disadvantaged in his later years. How did this geocentric theory, which was stubbornly unbelievable, become common knowledge? Was there an extraordinary advocate who went around preaching it? Apparently, that is not the case.

 People who did not firmly believe in the theory died, and when the generations changed, it became common knowledge that the earth revolves around “that’s the way it is,” before we knew it. It is difficult to convert the stubborn while they are still alive.

 Or it is difficult to ask those who do not want change to change.

 Everyone wants today to be the same as yesterday, and expects a tomorrow that is connected to it. It may be more peaceful that way. But cells are born anew and die. The day will come when we will no longer be able to do what we were able to do yesterday, and we will decline and become distorted. Life is a discrepancy between what we want and what is real. Can we accept change, or are we willing to accept change?

 I was thinking about this vaguely as I listened to the preliminary report of yesterday’s gubernatorial election. Mr. Ishimaru, who was the second highest vote-getter, seems to have had strong support from younger voters.

 I think that the country will not change in many ways until after 2040-50, when the elderly baby boomers will leave the country.

 Is it my imagination that the voters who chose the third time elected are the same as those who support the medieval church?